2017 NH State House News

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Breaking News-Senate Commerce Committee by 3-2 Vote Recommends Passage of RTW

The NH State Senate Commerce Committee, after hundreds appeared in opposition at a public hearing today, have recommended passage of the so-called Right to Work bill by a vote of 3-2.

We thank Senators Donna Soucy and Bette Lasky for voting against this bill fueled by out of state interests. This union busting legislation will proceed to the full Senate for a vote. It is clear that the NH Senate republicans have put this bill on a fast track.

Stay tuned for updates and gear up to fight this battle until the last vote is counted. We stand together to fight for NH working families and for strong unions.

How to Contact Your Legislator

During this legislative session, there will be the need to contact our state senators and state representatives. Here is the information you will need to determine who represents you and how to contact them whether it be by email, regular mail or phone.

To contact your State Senator, please click WHO'S MY SENATOR? and enter the city or town where you reside. Once you have determined who is your state senator, go to the SENATE ROSTER to find out how to contact the senator.

To contact your State Representative, please click  WHO'S MY LEGISLATOR? and enter the city or town where you reside.


Suggestions:  Legislators receive a lot of email and personalized emails will resonate with them. Emails should be short and succinct. If you are signed up for the AFT-NH Legislative Bulletins or visit this website at least weekly, you will see the specific information about a bill. You should be clear to your representative how you are asking them to vote on a bill. For example, you can ask them to oppose Senate Bill 11 or vote Inexpedient to Legislate. If you are asking for positive action, you can ask a legislator to support a bill or vote Ought to Pass.


Make sure your voice is heard this legislative session.




The New Hampshire House and Senate convene on January 4th to formally launch the 2017 legislative session. The process of preparing and filing bills is well underway.  There have been 992 legislative service requests ((LSR’s). Not all of these requests will be filed as bills but as legislators sign off on these requests bill numbers will be assigned. The deadline for the House members to sign off is January 6th . The deadline for the Senate members is January 6th for prime sponsors to sign off and January 13th for co-sponsors.