AFT-NH ACTION ALERT HB 413-Restore Retirement Funding to Cities and Towns

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We are asking you to reach out to your New Hampshire State Representatives in advance of February 7th when the NH House reconvenes. Please take this ACTION to contact your state representative(s) directly and ask them to support passage of HB 413.

HB 413, defeated by the House back in early January by a narrow margin of 6 votes, will come back for another vote on February 7 or 8.  Remember this bill passed by a huge majority, 265-83, on February 15, 2017. We are asking you to help persuade your legislators that it is time to honor the State’s promised commitment, stop the downshifting of costs onto local taxpayers, and provide localities with the property tax relief needed to permit funding of existing programs and facilities, never mind improvements or even expansions! Please tell your representatives that it is time the NH House provided relief to local property taxpayers and fulfilled prior promises.

HB 413 would restore at least part of the State’s promised obligation to pay for some of the NH retirement system costs borne by municipalities, counties and school districts.  When localities first joined the NHRS, the State promised to pay 35% of the costs, but a half-dozen or so years ago reneged entirely on that promise and now pays nothing.  The result—budget crunches across the State as cities, towns, and school districts struggle with budgetary needs while paying what should be the State’s share of NHRS costs.  It simply isn’t fair, and is a classic example of downshifting costs from the State onto local taxpayers.  As a result, we see rising taxes and rising budgetary pressures on public schools and the public services provided by counties, cities and towns.  In Nashua alone, the failure of the State to honor its promises has led to increases well over $1,000,000 in retirement costs borne by the City.  This cannot continue. 

Let’s make this effort over the next week to ask members of the House to truly consider how they could make a positive difference in their communities by supporting the passage of House Bill 413.

Thank you for all of your hard work to keep NH moving forward.

In Solidarity,

Douglas Ley

AFT-NH, President

603 831 3661 (cell)

603 223 0747 

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