2019 State House News

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AFT-NH Legislative Bulletin, 2019-04

March 3, 2019 ~ Bow, NH

It may have been vacation week for NH students, but the NH House was hard at work, holding two long session days and disposing of over 100 proposed pieces of legislation.  Sadly, the event to receive the greatest attention was the speech of Rep. John Burt (R-Goffstown) who commenced a speech on guns in schools with remarks construed by many as racist.  The House voted to cite Rep. Burt for ‘disorderly speech’ and he did follow with an apology, but this is already the second time in two months that Rep. Burt has uttered remarks on the floor of the House that are perceived as racist.  Events like this are sad moments for the NH House and the State of NH.  State agencies and groups like “StayWorkPlay NH” (http://stayworkplay.org/) work hard to recruit and retain a young and increasingly diverse workforce, but comments like those of Rep. Burt only make their job more difficult.  The future of NH rests upon younger generations, and that means greater cognizance and respect for all forms of diversity.  NH must change if it is to move forward. 

No to Learn Everywhere -AFT-NH President Doug Ley

Please accept this written statement from the American Federation of Teachers-New Hampshire (AFT-NH) regarding the proposed rules establishing the Learn Everywhere program.  As staunch advocates of public education, AFT-NH is firmly opposed to the creation of the Learn Everywhere program. 

As currently outlined, the Learn Everywhere program removes from local control the decisions regarding standards for credit-bearing activities and courses, thereby reversing longstanding New Hampshire tradition.  As an organization representing educators who work closely with local administrators and school boards, AFT-NH rejects the centralization of authority over graduation standards and supports keeping it at the level closest to students, teachers, and citizens—the local level.