AFT-NH Endorses Pro-Public Education Candidates

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Contact: Deb Howes


AFT-NH Endorses Pro-Public Education Candidates

CONCORD, N.H. Today, AFT-NH endorsed a slate of pro-education candidates for Governor, Executive Council, New Hampshire Senate and New Hampshire House. Each of these candidates promises to be a strong voice for our teachers, our students, and our public schools.  AFT-NH President Deb Howes released the following statement:

“The past two and half years have been some of the hardest for our members. Teaching during a pandemic, through remote and hybrid learning has been an enormous undertaking and challenge. Through it all our members have continued to work for what is best for their students. At the same time, they were facing pandemic related challenges they also faced challenges from radical politicians in Concord. These politicians passed laws that look to silence and intimidate teachers from teaching honest history. Now, we see an unprecedented number of openings for teacher and support staff positions, many a direct consequence from the actions taken by the legislature these past two years.

When elected we know that each of the endorsed candidates will stand up for our teachers, support staff and students and make sure New Hampshire’s public schools continue to be the bedrock of our communities.

Background: AFT New Hampshire has endorsed the following candidates as Champions of Public Education in its first wave:

NH Governor: Dr. Tom Sherman

Executive Council

D1: Dana Hilliard

D2: Cinde Warmington

D3: Katherine Harake

D4: Kevin Cavanaugh

D5: Shoshanna Kelly


NH Senate

SD 1: Edith Tucker, Randolph

SD 3: Dr. Bill Marsh

SD 4: David Watters

SD 5: Suzanne Prentiss

SD 6: Ruth Larson

SD 8: Charlene Lovett

SD 10: Donovan Fenton

SD 11: Shannon Chandley

SD 12: Melanie Levesque

SD 13: Cindy Rosenwald

SD 14: John Robinson

SD 15: Becky Whitley

SD 18: Donna Soucy

SD 20: Lou D’Allesandro

SD 21: Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

SD 22: Wayne Haubner

SD 23: Brenda Oldak

SD 24: Debra Altschiller


NH House

Belknap 5 Eric Hoffman

Belknap 8: Don House


Carroll 1: Stephen Woodcock

Carroll 1: David Paige

Carroll 2: Anita Burroughs

Carroll 7: Bobbi Bousman


Cheshire 5: Lucy Weber

Cheshire 6 Michael Abbott

Cheshire 8 Lucius Parshall

Cheshire 18: Jeffrey Dickler


Grafton 1: Jordan Applewaite

                 Timothy Egan

Grafton 8: Sallie Fellows

Grafton 12: Russell Muirhead

                   Nicolas Macri

Grafton 16: Joshua Adjutant

 Hills 2: John K. Fitzgerald

               Loren Foxx

  Jeff Kerr

Kara LaMarche

Hills 4: Linda V Ryan

            Ray Newman

            Sue Newman

Hills 5: Heather Raymond

            Shelly Devine

            Susan Elberger

Hills 6: Carry Spiere

            Sherry Dutzy

Suzanne Vail

Hills 7: Alicia Gregg

            Catherine Sofikitis

            Louis Juris

Hills 8: Efstathia Booris

Hills 9: Allison Nutting-Wong

            Michael Pedersen

Hills 10: Michael O’Brien Sr

Hills 10: Linda Harriott-Gathright

Hills 11: Laura Telerski

            William Darby

Hills 12: Wendy EN Thomas

Hills 13: Sara Locke

Hills 14: Joe Stanieich-Burke

Hills 16: Holly Hillhouse

Hills 16: Maxine Mosley

Hills 17: Linda DiSilvestro

               David Preece

Hills 18: Jessica Grill

Hills 19: Heidi Hamer

Hills 20: Joshua Query

Hills 21: Diane Langley

Hills 22: Patricia Cornell

               Nicole Leapley

Hills 24: Donald Bouchard

Hills 25: Andrew Bouldin

Hills 27: Susan Kane

Hills 28: William Politt

Hills 29: Melanie Renfrew Hebert

Hills 34: Jenn Morton

Hills 35: Kat McGhee

               Ben Ming

Hills 41: Mary Heath

Hills 43: Peter Petrigno

               Maria Elizabeth Perez

Hills 44: David Trumble

               Judith Gaynor Johnson

Merr 3: Scott Burns

Merr 4: Ruth Heath

            Ellen Scarponi

Merr 5: Ken Wells

Merr 7: Greg Sargent

Merr 9: Angela Brennan

            Dave Luneau

            Mel Myler

            Muriel Hall

Merr 10: Kathleen Martins

Merr 12: Dianne Schuett

Merr 16: Connie Lane

Merr 20: Eric Gallager

Merr 26: David Nesbitt (HFT retiree)

Merr 28: Art Ellison

Rock 10: Charlotte DiLorenzo

Rock 11: Mark Paige

Rock 12: Zoe Manos

Rock 13: Ellen Gallo

            Elizabeth Greenberg

            Craig Cunningham

            Michelle Sawyer Moge

Rock 14: Tricia Tidd

Rock 16: Michaela Hites

Rock 17: Kristi St. Laurent

Rock 18: Kate Delfino

Rock 21: Robin Vogt

Rock 24: Dennis Malloy

Rock 25: Bonnie Wright

Rock 33: Alexis Simpson

Rock 36: Elizabeth Kosta

Rock 37: David Meuse

Straff 1: Manny Krasner

Straff 4: Heath Howard

Straff 8: Chuck Grassie

Straff 10: Peyton McManus

                Loren Selig

Sull 3: Virginia O’Brien Irwin

Sull 4: Bruce L. Cragin

Sull 5: Linda Tanner

Sull 8: Hope Damon


AFT-NH will consider more endorsements in the coming weeks.