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AFT-NH Legislative Update May 20, 2015

The Senate has had several hearings and meetings regarding their work on the state budget. When they held a public hearing several hundred citizens of New Hampshire showed up and spoke. Many expressed concern over the lack of funding in the House budget and its many cuts to programs needed by our most vulnerable citizens.  


AFT-NH Legislative Update May 6, 2015

This week the Senate Finance committee will start the hard work on their version of the State budget. I have heard that the Senate Ways and Means committee is looking closely at projected revenues and may recommend slightly higher revenues than the House approved.  By doing this the Senate will be able to restore funding for some of the cuts that the House imposed in its draconian budget. 


AFT-NH Legislative Update April 15, 2015

The State budget is now in the hands of the Senate Finance committee. They have set up several meeting with agency heads (see below for the schedule).

There have been many news articles stating that the Senate has several goals when putting together the budget: