AFT-NH 2019 Town Meeting Guide

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                    AFT-NH  2019 TOWN MEETING GUIDE

                 Please support your AFT-NH colleagues by voting to  approve their contracts.

    Mark your calendar.

  Tuesday, March 12th (SB 2 Balloting)


                       Henniker Community School Support Staff, AFT#6314

                          Warrant Article #5   (Three-year contract)

  Henniker            Henniker Community School Cafetorium (7am to 7pm)


                      Hillsboro-Deering Federation of Teachers, AFT#2348

                          Warrant Articles #6 and #7   (Three-year contract and special town meeting)

  Deering            Deering Town Hall (8am to 7pm)

  Hillsborough     HD Middle School Gymnasium (7am to 7pm)


                              Newfound Teachers’ Union, AFT#6557

                          Warrant Article #3   (Three-year contract)

  Alexandria        Town Hall, 45 Washburn Road                             11am to 7pm

   Bridgewater       Town Hall, Route 3A, Mayhew Turnpike             12pm to 6pm

  Bristol               Old Town Hall, 45 Summer Street                        8am to 7pm

  Danbury            Town Hall, 23 High Street                                    11am to 7pm

  Groton               Groton Town House, 754 North Groton Road      11am to 7pm

  Hebron              Community Hall (Hebron Church)                       11am to 7pm

  New Hampton   Town House, 86 Town House Road                     11am to 7pm


                               Raymond Educational Support Staff, AFT#4823

                               Warrant Articles #3 and #4   (Three-year contract and special town meeting)

  Raymond          Iber Holmes Gove Middle School Gymnasium   7am to 7pm.


                          Timberlane Teachers’ Association, AFT#4796

                              Warrant Articles #5 and #6   (Three-year contract and special town meeting)

  Atkinson          Community Center, Rte. 121                              7am to 8pm

  Danville            Community Center, Rte. 111                              8am to 7pm

  Plaistow            Pollard School, Main Street                                7am to 8pm

  Sandown           Sandown Town Hall, Main Street                       8am to 8pm


                          Weare Educational Support Staff, AFT#6349

                          Warrant Article #5   (Three-year contract)

Weare                Weare Middle School                                            7am to 7pm


             Saturday, March 23rd (School District Meeting)

                          Barnstead Educational Support Team, AFT#6332 

Barnstead                   Warrant Articles #5 and #6   (Three-year contract and special town meeting)

                          Barnstead Elementary School 9:00am