Timberlane Regional School Board Adopts Illegitimate Default Budget per TTA and TSSU Presidents

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PLAISTOW, NH— January 10, 2018 —The leadership of the Timberlane Teachers’ Association and Timberlane Support Staff Union released the following statement:

 After a prolonged public discussion over drastic cuts proposed to the Timberlane Regional School District 2018-2019 budget, the Timberlane Regional School Board adopted, without deliberation, a default budget that does not adhere to the formula prescribed in RSA-40-14b. 1, according to Timberlane Teachers’ Association President, AFT#4796, Ryan Richman and Timberlane Support Staff Union President, AFT#6530, Laurie Herchenroder.  No explanation was given about the development of the default budget, the School Board’s rationale for one-time-expenditures or how they will meet continuing contractual obligations according to the two union leaders.  Both the Budget Committee proposed 2018-19 budget and the School Board Default budget underfund the district by at least $2 million.  While $71 million is a better situation than the $69m originally proposed by the School Board, it underfunds Special Education, cuts professionals, and underfunds technology and capital improvements.

As these budgets go before the public on January 11 for Public Hearing and on February 8 at Deliberative Session, we call upon the members of the Timberlane community, who have stood by their school system in the past, who have been Timberlane Proud, to stand up for the most vital institution to the economic and social fabric of the community and demand answers as to the impact of these two budgets on students, staff and programs. Please attend and ask these questions.”


For more information, press only:

Ryan Richman, President Timberlane Teachers Association, 603-836-1946, timberlaneteachersassociation@gmail.com