Breaking News-Senate Commerce Committee by 3-2 Vote Recommends Passage of RTW

The NH State Senate Commerce Committee, after hundreds appeared in opposition at a public hearing today, have recommended passage of the so-called Right to Work bill by a vote of 3-2.

We thank Senators Donna Soucy and Bette Lasky for voting against this bill fueled by out of state interests. This union busting legislation will proceed to the full Senate for a vote. It is clear that the NH Senate republicans have put this bill on a fast track.

Stay tuned for updates and gear up to fight this battle until the last vote is counted. We stand together to fight for NH working families and for strong unions.

Defeat SB 11- Right to Work is Wrong for NH

The NH Senate Commerce Committee will be hearing a Right to Work (for less) bill, Senate Bill 11, on Tuesday, January 10th at 1pm. The hearing will be held at the NH State House in Representatives Hall. This bill has been scheduled quickly and has been cited as a priority by Governor Chris Sununu and the GOP majority.

We know this is wrong for NH and will hurt NH’s economy and working families. This bill has been defeated repeatedly for thirty years and nothing has changed to justify this legislation.  This a blatant attempt to weaken the voice of working familes and unions because the proponents know that when unions are strong all workers have highers wages not just union workers. To read more, please click here.

 Let's join union members and allies from across NH and stand together to help defeat this destructive legislation.

AFT-NH Stands in Solidarity With First Student Bus Drivers

AFT-NH stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters at Teamsters Local #633 as they attempt to resolve the contract dispute with First Student Bus Company”, stated Doug Ley, AFT-NH President. “We encourage our members throughout the state to offer full support to Teamsters Local #633 as they try to reach a resolution to their contract.”

AFT-NH Endorsements for Top NH Races

The American Federation of Teachers-New Hampshire has endorsed a slate of candidates for President, Senate, Congress, Governor and Executive Council who will advocate for working families and provide a positive agenda.