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AFT-NH Supports Education Funding Lawsuit

For Immediate Release 

Contact: Deb Howes


AFT-NH Supports Education Funding Lawsuit

CONCORD, N.H. Yesterday in Superior Court a lawsuit was filed once again challenging the way that New Hampshire funds our local public schools. It is unfortunate that the New Hampshire legislature continues to underfund our schools leaving the local property taxpayers most of the tab to ensure children in their community can receive an education that will allow them to thrive. We know that in property-poor communities this means that the burdens on taxpayers can become overwhelming and schools are not able to provide their students with as many opportunities.

At the same time the state continues to underfund education, Republicans in the legislature have gone out of their way to raid the education trust fund, choosing to focus on funding private education for a few students rather than a robust public education for all students. The statewide voucher program which has already ballooned to 6000% over budget is taking funds that could be used to relieve property taxpayers and instead funding the voucher program which funnels money to private schools or anything else that can be justified as an education expense even if it discriminates against students with disabilities or students who are LGBTQ+.

For our teachers, our students, and our taxpayers New Hampshire deserves to see better funding for their public schools, on which the overwhelming majority of NH families rely.  Absence of immediate action from the legislature we are in full support of these lawsuits which look to make fair funding a reality.


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