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Say No to Vouchers in the Senate Budget!

Take Action Now!

The Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the State budget on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 4

We expect the Senate will likely insert “education savings accounts,” commonly termed vouchers, into the budget.  The goal is to do so without a single dedicated hearing on the financial impact of this program upon public school funding or upon your property taxes.  The House failed to act this year on its version, HB 20, so there were never any hearings there on the financial costs and almost complete lack of accountability in this giveaway of taxpayer dollars to families and private organizations.  The Senate did pass its version, SB 130, but then tabled it, avoiding any hearing on the financial implications, a tacit recognition that it will prove costly, lacks any accountability or controls, and will both undermine public education funding and raise your property taxes. 

However, there is the hearing on May 4 and we encourage you to register your opinion via email or even better, to sign up and testify against any inclusion of education vouchers/savings accounts in the State budget. 

You can contact Senators on the Senate Finance Committee and ask them to oppose vouchers by clicking this link, Say No to Vouchers in the Senate Budget.

Mark your calendars for May 4th at 1pm. We know most of our members will be working at that time but as soon as the link for the Finance Committee hearing is up, we will let you know so you can register your opinion on the inclusion of vouchers in the budget. Please make sure to take both of these actions as we approach this all-important budget hearing—your voice needs to be heard!!

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