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Rindge Faculty Federation Local # 2433

The RFF (Rindge Faculty Federation) has been serving the faculty at Franklin Pierce University for 37 years. We're proud that 72 of the university's 73 full-time faculty members are members of the bargaining unit, as are over 80% of our part-time faculty members.

Franklin Pierce is a young institution without significant financial resources. As a result, our pay scale is below that of other schools in our college division. But the RFF is proud of the job security protections we have won for our faculty, and for the quality health care benefits we have fought for. 
In these troubling financial times, like our colleagues in public schools and universities, we are working diligently to maintain the pay and benefits we have fought for in the past. 
The work is daunting. Management grew fat over the past two decades and as enrollments decrease and revenue slackens, management shows few signs of tightening their own budgets, benefits, and size.  
So labor's fight continues anew.

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