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AFT-NH Reacts to Governor Sununu Announcing He Will Not Seek Another Term

CONCORD, N.H. From the moment he was sworn in Governor Sununu showed us he was an anti-education governor. His pick of Frank Edelblut as his Commissioner of Education has set off a chain of events in New Hampshire that have been detrimental to most Granite State students who rely on our neighborhood public schools. From the over budget, unaccountable and unproven school voucher program to signing a ban on teaching honest history, Sununu’s record on education will not be looked well upon in the years to come.

He has done little to solve the chronic underfunding in our public schools which shortchanges students of needed teachers, academic support and a whole variety of challenging classes in many cities and towns that struggle to raise local property taxes. He has never met the state’s constitutional obligation to fully fund the adequate and robust public education that all Granite State students deserve from their local neighborhood public schools. In fact, he has increased the burden on local property taxpayers, supported classroom censorship and even refused to cut red tape to help feed students experiencing food insecurity, all while patting himself on the back and proclaiming himself “pro-education.”

Moving forward AFT-NH and its over 4,000 members statewide will look to support a candidate for Governor that is committed to great quality public education for all students in all our NH cities and towns and supporting our all our members in the incredibly vital work that they perform for their communities.




Deb Howes, AFT-NH President


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