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Voter Registration Information for November 8th

Voter Registration Information for November 8th

It is important that all eligible persons who can vote on November 8th do so. In order to vote, you need to register. If you are newly 18 or have moved and need to register at your new address, or perhaps you checked your voting information and found that you are no longer registered, here is all of the information you need regarding voter registration. If you are all set, please share this information with friends and family.

There are two ways to register to vote.  You can do so by contacting your city or town clerk up to 10 days before the November 8 election. Please find out the specific deadline information for your town or city. Click here to contact your town or city clerk for registration deadlines and procedures and dates of town or city elections.

Registering to Vote on Election Day

In New Hampshire, you can also register to vote on election day and still cast a ballot that day. A person qualified to vote who is not registered on election day may register at the polling place in the city ward or town where they are domiciled.

If you are 18 on election day, domiciled in a NH city or ward or town on election day, and are a U.S. Citizen, you can register right at the polling place. There is no minimum time you have to be living in the state.  You will need to show proof of identity, age, citizenship, and having established a domicile in that town or city ward.

If you are wondering what type of proof you may need to show, click the following link to see a listing of various documents which would qualify. Registering to Vote and Documents Which May Be Needed.  There are a lot of documents that would suffice to prove your domicile so don’t be taken aback by the long list as one of the documents should satisfy the proof of domicile.

If you don’t have the necessary document to prove domicile, you will still be able to register and VOTE by signing an affidavit. The local election officials will give you the proper forms to fill out.

Most importantly, if you have any questions whatsoever call your city or town clerk and they will certainly assist you.

Voting is a fundamental act necessary to protect our democracy. Please participate and have your voice heard.

Thank you.



Prepared by:

Attorney Terri Donovan

AFT-NH Director of Field Services and Collective Bargaining

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