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AFT-NH on School Assessment Scores

School Assessment Scores Show New Hampshire Public Schools Are In A Strong Position With More Work To Be Done  (AFT-NH President Deb Howes)


CONCORD, N.H. Yesterday, the New Hampshire Department of Education released assessment data showing that New Hampshire’s public schools continue to make improvements getting closer to pre-pandemic levels of achievement. AFT-NH President Deb Howes released the following statement:

“It is no secret that the last three years have been difficult on students, teachers, school support staff, and administrators. This past year in particular teachers had to focus not just on the content that they are required to teach but also on content that may have been missed due to hybrid and remote learning. Teachers, support staff, and students worked overtime re-establishing safe learning communities and focusing both on relationships and academics.

While many Republican politicians in Concord would have you believe our public schools are failing our students these results show real promise that we can continue to build on our successes and help every child in the State of New Hampshire. So far teachers and students have made progress without the help of the conservatives in the legislature but also without the help of the NH Department of Education.

Our students have shown their resilience and public school teachers and staff have shown an unending dedication to their students. With continued support from teachers and school staff we know we can see continued improvements and successes for our students.”



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