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New Hampshire State Board of Education

101 Pleasant St. 

Concord, NH 03301

Dear Members of the State Board of Education,

I am writing to you today to urge you to allow local school administrators and school boards to continue the practice of using distance learning for short periods of time when local conditions warrant while still counting these as instructional days.

Limiting the use of distance learning to inclement weather only ignores the reality that sometimes conditions arise that make it unworkable to open and staff the school, properly supervise the students and provide meaningful

CONCORD, N.H.— Yesterday the Justice Department announced that it will create specialized training and guidance for local school boards and school administrators. This training will “help school board members and other potential victims understand the type of behavior that constitutes threats, how to report threatening conduct to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, and how to capture and preserve evidence of threatening conduct to aid in the investigation and prosecution of these crimes.” MORE

Want In-School Learning to Last? Wear Masks and Get Vaccinated by AFT-NH President Deb Howes

There was near-universal consensus that virtual learning or a hybrid of in-school and remote learning was chaotic and suboptimal, at best. Some kids had trouble accessing classes online, many others had trouble concentrating on lessons for hours on the computer, while other students simply gave up and basically lost a year of learning. We really don’t want to go back to those bad old days.



Concord, NH --- AFT-NH President Deb Howes Released the Following Statement on Approval of Rules for School Voucher Program

"Today's rules committee meeting in Concord raised more questions than it answered, but disappointingly the Joint Legislative Committee let the temporary rules on school vouchers move forward despite questions about conflicts with existing laws on student safety, and data privacy as well as the inadequate examination of the fiscal impact of the program. Frank Edelblut and the Republican-led legislature continue to turn a blind eye to the real issues this program raises


CONCORD, NH—Statement by AFT-New Hampshire President Deb Howes on the passing of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

AFT-NH is saddened to hear of the loss today of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, a stalwart fighter for the rights of working people everywhere. Our condolences go out to his family, as well as to the members of the organization he led. He was a strong believer that solidarity amongst working people of all kinds could make changes for the better in our country. He will be missed.



Governor’s School Announcement Shortsighted, Light on Facts 

CONCORD, N.H. Today in the Governor’s press conference he announced that all schools would be open five days week starting April 19th. AFT-NH President Doug Ley issued the following statement: