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AFT-NH Legislative Bulletin (2023-15)

A budget is a statement of what a society values.  We know the Granite State has a poor track record in how it supports its public school students, and with your help we have been working hard to change that. We want to make sure that every public school student in New Hampshire has small class sizes, expert teachers, learning support from dedicated paraeducators and all the school support staff that help our children learn and thrive.

We need a state budget that:

  • helps towns and school districts with lower property tax bases by increasing the state education aid they get.
  • doesn’t expand the current state education voucher eligibility.
  • keeps public education money in the Education Trust Fund as a secured lock box.
  • protects the NH Retirement System by allowing new employees to join and not excluding groups like community college employees.


The budget that passed the house achieved the first 2 goals, but not the last two. We will keep advocating, with your help, as the budget process moves into the Senate.

The Senate Budget process has begun. House Bill 1 and House Bill 2 passed the House last week and now the Senate will begin their work.  The Senate has 6 weeks to make any changes they want to the House budget and then the two bodies will come together for a Committee of Conference in the middle of June. There will be times when we need your voice around this process, and we will let you know!

Next week, the House Education Committee will hear the so-called parental bill or rights. We have talked a lot about this bill in this space. We stand for public schools where all our students feel safe and welcomed. This bill is problematic because it requires teachers and school staff to report to parents, when asked, on students who are or might be LGBTQ+. These are students who are in no way breaking any school rules or harming other students, just doing something their parents might not approve of or understand. To treat groups of students differently based on who they are is called discrimination, and that’s just plain wrong. To require teachers and school staff to act as surveillance for parents will just create a climate of mistrust within the school and make it nearly impossible for our classrooms to function.  The hearing will be on Tuesday the 18th and the committee will vote on the bill on Tuesday the 25th. Please take action by contacting the members of the House Education Committee.


So please take action on this so-called Parental Bill of Rights.   The bill, SB 272,  is being heard April 18th at 10:00 am before the House Education Committee. Please click HERE to contact members of the House Education Committee and let them know you OPPOSE SB 272.

Please CONTACT THE HOUSE EDUCATION COMMITTEE and let them know you oppose this damaging legislation.

Thank you for your continued hard work during this challenging legislative session.

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You can also read written testimony submitted to the legislature at STATE HOUSE NEWS.

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