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AFT-NH Legislative Bulletin (2024-09) Urgent Red Alert

Urgent Red Alert

Respect the Teaching Profession

On Tuesday, March 6th, the House Education Committee will be taking action on two bills which are blatant attacks on the teaching profession. We are asking you to take these two one-click actions to let the House Education Committee know that you respect New Hampshire educators and these attacks must stop.

Please say no to lifting professional standards for those teaching less than thirty hours per week.

HB 1298 is filed under the guise of trying to help the teacher shortage issue we face in this state, but this bill would fill schools with unqualified people teaching our students. If this bill becomes law, for any person teaching under 30 hours per week there would be no requirement for certification, alternative pathway, or any professional educator requirements other than a criminal background check to do the job of our professional educators.

Being a teacher is not easy. It requires skill and training, communication, classroom management and unlimited patience. Those things are how we ensure the best education possible for Granite State students. This bill will eliminate standards and lower educational outcomes. If it passes it will harm our students and our profession. Please also refer to AFT-NH President Deb Howes’ testimony in opposition HERE.

ACTION NEEDED: Please click the following Contact the House Education Committee to defend the teaching profession and ask them to vote ITL on HB 1298.

Do not give the Commissioner of Education subpoena power.

HB 1353 would grant to  Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut the right to issue subpoenas in the investigation of teachers. We know how he views NH public school educators and we cannot trust him with this authority solely granted to him. We are concerned about how such power would be exercised and there are no meaningful protections for educators should this bill become law. You can read AFT-NH President Deb Howes’ testimony in opposition HERE.

Please let the House Education Committee know this bill is not necessary.

ACTION NEEDED:  Please click the following: Deny Subpoena Power to the Commissioner of Education - ITL on HB 1353.

Thank you for supporting New Hampshire’s teachers.

Legislative Action Toolkit

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You can also read written testimony submitted to the legislature at STATE HOUSE NEWS.

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