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Press Release by AFT-NH President Doug Ley


CONCORD, N.H. Today, during the New Hampshire House session, conservatives in the House voted for a budget that would dramatically cut education funding and raise property taxes for Granite Staters who need relief.  AFT-NH President Doug Ley released the following statement:

“As a  union that represents thousands of educators across New Hampshire we know and see the educational inadequacies in our state. Two years ago, legislators prioritized education funding especially to those cities and towns that


April 5, 2021 ~ Bow, NH

We hope you have all had a chance to enjoy the sunshine this weekend.  It truly does seem Spring may be arriving, what with crocuses flowering, willows beginning to get color and even forsythia beginning to bud out.  Springtime-when hope bursts forth!

In the NH Legislature, the upcoming week will prove to be busy, with three full days of session planned at the Bedford Sportsplex.  These will be the first House sessions since late February and there are over 300 bills on the docket, plus the State budget.  Needless to say, these will be long and exhausting days.  You can review the bills to be considered by the House this week by clicking here: NH House Calendar April 2, 2021



Governor’s School Announcement Shortsighted, Light on Facts 

CONCORD, N.H. Today in the Governor’s press conference he announced that all schools would be open five days week starting April 19th. AFT-NH President Doug Ley issued the following statement:


March 28, 2021 ~ Bow, NH

The premier event of this past week was the hearing this past Tuesday in the House Labor Committee on SB 61, the so-called “right to work” bill.  Over the course of six hours of public testimony, committee members heard from out-of-state lobbyists advocating so-called “right to work” as well as scores of members of the public opposed to this flagrant attack on organized labor and the power of working people to have a voice in the workplace.  The goal of “right to work” is simple—weaken labor unions by allowing for freeloaders to benefit from contract provisions but pay nothing towards negotiating or enforcing that very contract.  It does not provide for jobs, and it does not prevent unions from requiring employees to join the union BECAUSE IT IS ALREADY ILLEGAL TO REQUIRE UNION MEMBERSHIP TO OBTAIN A JOB!!!  Instead, the aim is to weaken organized labor and make it easier for employers to reduce wages and benefits, further widening the income and wealth inequality so prevalent here in NH and in the United States. 


Senate Bill 61, the so-called Right to Work legislation, was heard before the House Labor Committee last week and was met with resounding public opposition. The Committee will be voting this week on a recommendation but we need to start contacting our own state representatives as they are poised to vote on SB 61 either on April 7th or 8th. W have defeated this bill 39 times before and for the sake of working families, we must be victorious one more time. 

Please click the following link to oppose this legislation and let your state representative know you are watching!


The House Labor Committee has scheduled a hearing on SB 61, the so-called “right to work” bill for Thursday, March 25. We need the committee members to know that there is substantial opposition to this bill, which could reduce the compensation and benefits of all workers in New Hampshire. Make your voice heard! Learn how.