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AFT-NH Statement on Additional Lawsuit Against Divisive Concepts Law

CONCORD, N.H.—Statement by AFT-New Hampshire President Deb Howes on a lawsuit brought by the NEA-NH challenging the constitutionality of New Hampshire’s so-called divisive concepts law. AFT-NH, three New Hampshire public school teachers and two parents filed a federal lawsuit over the law on Dec. 13.

“This lawsuit adds an additional voice to the growing chorus of challenges to the so-called divisive concepts law. The law is unconstitutionally and hopelessly vague, making it impossible for teachers to know what and how to teach

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season surround us, let us not forget that the biggest Grinch of all, HB 607, is in our midst. You can cross off one big holiday task if you take one moment to send a message to your state representative to vote NO on HB 607, the local school voucher bill. MORE
CONCORD, N.H.—In a federal lawsuit filed today, educators and parents are taking a stand against New Hampshire’s attempt to implement a vague and punishing law that makes it impossible for public school teachers to know what and how to teach, as a result of a new law commonly known as the “divisive concepts” law. By attempting to restrict the way discrimination, diversity, bias, justice, and struggle is viewed or taught, the measure puts educators at the center of a nightmare scenario: They would be required to comply with a law that appears to be at odds with the state’s constitution and its law mandating a robust and well-rounded public school education—an education that includes the teaching of accurate, honest history and current events. MORE
Last week we wrote to you about HB 607 AS AMENDED—a bill that could, without exaggeration, close neighborhood public schools across the state. Make no mistake—this is a continuation of a radical, sweeping agenda by those who wish to see public education dismantled. The bill allows for local property taxes to be used for private schools, homeschooling or any other education expenses (which is purposefully broad and not defined). It takes money intended for our local neighborhood public schools and diverts it, costing property taxpayers money and forcing drastic cuts including closing or consolidating many public schools which will leave public school students with a bare-bones, barely adequate education. MORE
Local School Voucher Bill Recommended by House Education Committee Just when we thought it might to safe to take a deep breath, late in the night this past Wednesday the legislature—cheered on as always by our anti-education commissioner, continued their radical push to defund public education. House Bill 607 as amended contains a sweeping amendment that was passed Wednesday. This bill would allow for our public property tax dollars to be sent to private schools, religious schools, or to students who are homeschooled. As we know in New Hampshire because the State refuses to adequately fund education most of the money that goes towards our neighborhood public schools comes from our local property taxes. Unlike the voucher bill that passed last year that would take the state portion of money that is supposed to be spent on public education; this bill takes our local property tax money. MORE
AFT-NH: Edelblut Is Encouraging Parent Complaints About Teaching ‘Divisive Concepts’ AFT-NH Calls on Governor to Demand State Education Commissioner Step Down CONCORD, N.H.—Statement by AFT-New Hampshire President Deb Howes on state Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut’s webpage for parents to file complaints against teachers who allegedly teach lessons that discriminate, under the Right to Freedom from Discrimination in Public Workplaces and Education law: “It was bad enough that the law tried to find a problem that doesn’t exist—no teacher in New Hampshire teaches that any group is inherently superior or inferior to another. That false flag has now been made worse with Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut launching a webpage to encourage parents to file complaints against teachers who allegedly teach so-called divisive concepts. Totally innocent teachers could lose their teaching license over claims that are not backed up by any evidence. Edelblut has declared a war on teachers, a war that the overwhelming majority of N.H. parents will find repulsive. “AFT-NH calls on Gov. Chris Sununu to demand that Edelblut step down over his outrageous, obviously politically motivated, harmful effort. MORE